This is a summary of the old copyright & license declaration for this site, which was in effect prior to 2019-07-10. For the current version, please see copyright.

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This might sound controversial, but my reasoning is thus: I think comments are very important. In some cases, comments might contain corrections or similar material that I would like to incorporate back into the main article. This would be the only practical way to achieve this. I also would like to ensure that I can keep comment material alongside that from which it stems, irrespective of what I might do with that material in the future.

I do not intend to use ownership of a comment to defame or otherwise mis-represent the original author’s opinion, but you only have my word on that.

The only exception to the above rule is comments on this page: if you disagree with this policy then you have the right to comment on this page without transfering ownership of your comment.