"Tchicaya" (in line with my naming scheme) was my desktop computer from 2008 to about 2011. It was the first desktop machine I'd built for a long time.

In more recent times the remains of this machine have been re-purposed as a temporary home for my NAS whilst I wait for an RMA replacement for the NAS system's mainboard.


I ended up buying a new motherboard and processor, and borrowing 2G of RAM from my brother. I have a micro ATX case, PSU and the other relevant bits already.

I opted for the Intel DG35EC motherboard, with the following features:

  • G35 chipset
  • GMA X3500 video
    • DX10
    • supported by the F/OSS driver

Apparently it idles at around 58W.

I opted for a quad core 2.4Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor to complement it.


Debian installed "fine", although the machine hasn't booted into the HDD. I have the BIOS set to AHCI instead of ATA compatibility and I'm wondering if grub is complaining about that.