These are old projects and half-coded ideas that I am unlikely to continue with.

  • game-data-packager - program to generate and install .deb files of commercial Game data, to facilitate integration with the Debian package manager
  • debgtd: a Debian bug workflow tool
  • faketime - a small library that faked the system time to a sub-process. You are better off with this one:
  • namekill - a "killall" implementation for Windows.
  • delicious - a ruby script that exported a Mozilla-format 'bookmarks.html' file to the social bookmarks service
  • libmediawiki - the beginnings of a library implementing an API for manipulating mediawiki installations. This died when I moved to ikiwiki
  • patches for the tomboy note-taking program
  • ikiwiki - various patches, HOWTOs and plugins for the wiki compiler 'IkiWiki'
  • maemopad+ - a script to convert maemopad+ database files to a HTML representation (useful for sharing meeting notes and minutes, brainstorms, etc.)
  • ufo - A computer game (similar to the classic UFO: Enemy Unknown)
  • tab killer plugin for the 'Epiphany' web browser. I don't know whether this works with the newer, Webkit-based Epiphany versions.
  • scifi - a system for cross-referencing information about books and short stories you own ("I liked that story. Do I own any anthologies with stories by the same author?")