I thinking archiving is important, archive.org is great, and I'm proud of what little contribution I've made to date.

Someone recently pointed out that an upload I had made is now inaccessible. In it's place is a short message: this item is unavailable due to issues with its content. What issues are not made clear.

I've never been contacted by archive.org about this, not even to be admonished, should they have felt that to be necessary. I've tried contacting them to find out what the issues are but have heard nothing back.

It's worth remembering: Just because it's available now, even on archive.org, doesn't mean it will be Tomorrow!


comment 1
I used to work at the Internet Archive. If you give me the item identifier or the URL I can probably find out what happened to it.
comment 2
Hey edward, thanks for the offer! Looking into this further, my memory is failing me: I didn't upload the original item as it happens. So it's quite possible the archive.org folks have contacted the uploader after all. The item is NineInchNailsGhostsI-Ivblu-ray24bit96khz. I got confused because I did upload a 24/48 version of the same release. That upload is still there.