As forecast, I've switched from Mac back to Linux on the Desktop. I'm using a work-supplied Thinkpad T470s which is a nice form-factor machine (the the T450s was the first Thinkpad to widen my perspective away from just looking at the X series).

I've installed Debian to get started and ended up with GNOME 3 as the desktop (I was surprised to not be prompted for a choice in the installer, but on reflection that makes sense, I did a non-networked installed from the GNOME-flavour of the live DVD). So for the time being I'm going to stick to GNOME 3 and see what's new/better/worse than last time, but once my replacement SSD arrives I can revisit.

I haven't made much progress on the sticking points I identified in my last post. I'm hoping to get 1pass up and running in the interim to read my 1Password DB so I can get by until I've found a replacement password manager that I like.

Most of my desktop configuration steps I have captured in some Ansible playbooks. I'm looking at Ansible after a long break from using puppet, and there's things I like and things I don't. I've also been exploring ownCloud for personal file sharing and despite a couple of warning signs (urgh PHP, official Debian package was dropped) I'm finding it really useful, in particular for sharing stuff with family. I might write more about both of those later.


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Did you have a look at nextcloud? Its the fork of Owncloud that is maintained by most of the original developers.

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I've been using Debian as my main desktop for over a decade.
Personally I prefer Nextcloud over OwnCloud, seems to be updated more frequently. It runs perfectly on both x86 and arm systems, if also sees lighter then OwnCloud when asking Apache with PHP FPM :) Give it a try and see which you prefer :) Cheers, Al

Comment by Alan,
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I was using Debian on my desktop for the decade prior to my little Mac holiday. I hope I've learned some Interesting things to bring back to the FOSS desktop.

I haven't looked too hard at nextcloud. I think the developers who Debian had problems with in opencloud (which is why the package got dropped) are the ones who founded nextcloud.