Every year, family members ask me to produce a list of gift suggestions for them to buy for me for Christmas. An enviable position for many, I'm sure, but combined with trying to come up with gift ideas for them, this can sometimes be a stressful situation, with a risk of either giving or receiving gifts that are really nothing more than tat, fluff or kipple. I've started to feel that this is detracting from the spirit of the season.

I also don't really want much "stuff". When I am interested in something, it's not something that is convenient for others to buy, either because it's hard to describe, or has limited availability, or is only available at particular times of the year, etc. I'd rather focus on spending time with friends and family.

Starting this year, I'm asking that people who wish to do so donate to a charity on my behalf instead. The charity I have chosen for this year is St. Oswald's Hospice.


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I am merely one among the billions upon this earth, and so my thoughts do not amount to any importance.

Yet, I just wished to say that, in following your blog through the RSS feeds, that your balance, your thoughtfulness, your compassion and your desires make you, despite your claim to be an atheist, to have a more truly religious spirit than some who call themselves religious but who sadly practice the opposite. And, regardless any belief in God or otherwise, it is the spirit that is of importance, not the form.


Comment by Romane,