For the last few weeks I have been using the chromium browser as the main browser both at work and at home. There's an Ubuntu PPA containing .debs of nightly chromium builds which works fine on Debian sid AMD 64 (as others have mentioned).

The "killer feature" for me about Google Chrome when it was first announced was the tab/window process isolation. What I really like about chromium is how fast it feels. Opening new windows is blazingly fast. I can reorganise windows and tabs however I like (which I used to enjoy doing in Epiphany before the feature disappeared).

I installed chromium without high expectations. I suspect the features I like about it (speed, stability) will end up in other browsers and I've been expecting to move back to Epiphany (or perhaps even Firefox). However, maybe I'll just stick with chromium for a while.


Epiphany 2.27.92 has the ability to reorganize tabs, by dragging them around, and you can create a new window out of a tab by dragging it outside of the window. I believe Epiphany will soon be able to match Chromium in many things - speed and stability particularly, keep an eye on it =).

-- Gustavo Noronha @ 2009-09-14

kov [],

Thank you for your comment! I'm pleased this feature has returned. The "killer" chromium feature that I hope is adopted is the process separation. I did raise this on the mailing list a while ago, but it isn't a development priority at the moment. I hoped once to help out, but I haven't had the time yet. -- Jon

Jon Dowland,