Very little done last night. Advocated a maintainer. My desktop computer is completely hosed as part of a wheezy update: many issues at once but one is GDM going into an infinite loop, spawning millions of X servers; another is something in the boot processes seemingly prodding /dev/sdc and failing. I'm not sure if I have time to get to the bottom of it, I might just reinstall from a d-i daily. Priority going forward should be to finish off the musicbrainz stuff. Pleased to see my gnome sushi patch merged upstream.


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d-i is currently similarly broken. ):

It really is a general GNOME issue.

Comment by Philipp Kern,
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Your blog is broken: the posts 4 and 7 themselves show up with no content in the feed, and old entries show up as new in the feed and thus on Planet Debian.
Comment by mirabilos,
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Hi, thanks for the feedback. I did have an issue where there were some empty entries in my feed. This was caused by moving some entries (and replacing the old ones with redirects, which needed to be excluded from the feed). They are not in my feed now, and weren't for more than about five minutes. Sadly PDO picked up the feed in that window, and displays them forever-more. I'd argue that it was PDO (or the feed software) that is broken here. If you follow the links that PDO presents you are brought to a correct page.