I started trying to maintain a "to read" list on my website, but instead I've signed up for goodreads and started to feed my lists into there. Feel free to recommend me things!


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I'm torn. On the one hand, I sure find goodreads handy, and they let you export a CSV file of all your books, which is my minimum requirement for using such a site. On the other hand, you're using ikiwiki for less. :)

BTW, I rather like your style tweaks. Please consider contributing to http://ikiwiki.info/css_market/ or http://ikiwiki.info/theme_market/

Comment by Joey Hess,
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Thanks for your comments on the theme: I've hacked my page.tmpl a little bit, but the majority of it should work ok as a css market theme. I'll submit something at some point ☺
Comment by Jon,