For the last two years, I have been quietly working on a computer game influenced heavily by the classic UFO: Enemy Unknown.

The game is nowhere near complete and probably of little interest to most people. However, I have recently had the urge to write about things which have come up during development of the game. I've held of doing so since I hadn't actually announced the game.

Consider this an announcement of sorts. The super-early, basically not interesting source and binaries for win32 together with some documentation are available at This post serves to get the introduction out of the way so that in future, I can write about interesting things that have come up in the course of development.



i wonder how your game and concept is related and differs to ufo:ai and the others you listet at "Other clones to try out".

Florian Ludwig,
Hello, thank you for your comment. When I started out, UFO:AI and ufo2000 had just the tactical portion of the game. My intention is to develop both the globe and tactical portions (but of course so is UFO:AI and ufo2000 planned it). Apart from that, my game is going to be pretty basic: a fixed-perspective isometric view for the tactical portion, sprites rather than models. I think UFO:AI is fantastic and has come a long way and I'm very glad to see it's still going (unlike Xenocide it seems). If I ever find the time I planned to help package ufo:ai for Debian.
Thank you for this explanation. I loved the x-com series and so love ufo:ai as well. About debian packages I contributed to the packaging some time ago myself not sure what the status is right now. Main problem still is - AFAIK - that some of the assets are under unknown license.
Florian Ludwig,