Can anyone recommend some videos to me which explain the ins-and-outs of the chef and puppet configuration management tools? I have some familiarity with configuration management, having worked on cfengine (version 2) for a few years. However I haven't managed to evaluate the newer tools effectively. The barrier to entry (setting up at least a master and a slave VM...) has been too high (or I haven't given it enough time!)

If there are any good screencasts/videos that cover not just how they work but their individual advantages, that would be excellent: I have some upcoming time in which I can absorb material like that (but not the kind of time in which I could get hands-on).



Please, let me know if you find something useful. I'm very much interested in finding out configuration management material so I could evaluate better the available options.

As you mentioned, the barrier to entry seems to be a bit higher than I would like it to be. I'm interested in puppet as well, as it seems to be the preferred toll of a large number of well respected hackers nowadays.

andrelop [],

I am also interested in this sphere, particularly to see how useful Puppet, cfengine etc are to my usual clients, and what if anything could be added to them, or could be done differently, to be more useful.

As you say, the cost (in terms of time) of setting up test systems to see exactly how they work in real life is quite high; an overview of an existing system would be very interesting to see (say ~100 or more systems - demos of such things often focus on 2-4 systems, which is very different from 10, 100, 1000 servers)

Steve Parker

Steve Parker,