Recently I have succumbed to a number of indie games sales, in particular ones in humble bundles, despite the fact I rarely play games these days. I might have been encouraged somewhat by a bad habit I've picked up: reading the excellent Rock Paper Shotgun, discovered via Stuart Campbell. I've got a back log of iPhone games to try out too, most of which I discovered via Stuart or his "Free App Hero" app.

So, enough is enough: no more games until I've played my way through this list. I may add my iPhone games to that list and play with the ordering. If you can vouch for anything on the list or would suggest which are worth playing first, leave a comment!


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Don't read this comment if you want any more free time.

Have you tried or considered Minecraft? (Starter's hint: in order to figure it out, you need the minecraftwiki first days tutorials)

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I recommend World of Goo and the adventures. Are you aware that the AGS games work on Debian natively?

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I can vouch for Braid and Bastion as highlights of that list.
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Braid is the game that sparked the entire "indie game as serious alternative to AAA games" business in the grand scheme of things. It is an incredible game that can seriously change the way you look at games and game mechanics. Give it full attention and you will have an opportunity for a wonderful experience.

I got caught in the "too little real life time"-trap after I started playing Gemini Rue, so I have a six months old save file halfway through the game lying around, but up to that it was a pleasant experience.

World of Goo is fantastic. I don't believe people realize beforehand that it even has a story that can grip you, but the setting that they build up is an experience, and together with the music it gave me a deeper gameplay than what I thought I was going to get when I went in. Warning for a ridiculously high "OK, just one more level"-alert.

Osmos starts very comforting and ends in levels that require serious concentration (and time). They tried to define the genre "ambient gaming" and it fells that way, with the music and the visuals. It's a soothing experience in some ways, and require undivided concentration in some ways. All in all: well worth playing.

Those titles I (an anonymous, unknown voice of the internet) can vouch for were definitely well worth my time. If you see that as credible, have them high in your priorities :-) .

An addition to the list, if you haven't already played it will say, is Machinarium.

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Thank you for all your suggestions! I seem to have missed 'Machinarium' from the list, I do own it somewhere, so I'll put that back in.

Re Minecraft: indeed I have played it, some of my first thoughts on it are here: minecraft. I planned to write a follow-up but never got around to it. In particular I since discovered Terraria which I think is a vastly superior game (albeit flawed in different ways)