Last year, I failed to write and mention that I'd joined the Council of the Free/Libre Open-Source Software UK group FLOSS UK, formerly known as the UK UNIX User's Group (UKUUG). As a council-member, I helped to organise the recent Large Installation Systems Administration conference that took place in my native Newcastle, UK.

Five years ago I gave a talk at the (then) UKUUG Linux conference in Manchester, 2008, about documentation for sysadmins, using ikiwiki. I recently noticed that I hadn't put the abstract or slides up here, so now I have.


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Documentation for sysadmins using ikiwiki is surely interesting topic, but I'm afraid the link does not point to the topic in slides and abstract. The author's views and experiences would be an interesting read from the presentation.
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Thanks for pointing that out — I've now fixed the link.