This new xorg.conf-less X is a great idea, but now I have to add all the sections back in order to define "Virtual" and get monitor-spanning. Or maybe I'm missing another xrandr trick.


Well, my xorg.conf now doesn't define anything other than Virtual, so I find it quite acceptable and not in disagreement with the spirit of "xorg.conf-less setups".

I have not yet embraced HAL entirely, but it would be a good place to define the virtual desktop, and have deduce the layout of the monitors and all the other related settings.

Patches welcome. :)

-- madduck


Thanks for your comment!

Just to be clear, I'm all for the Xorg changes, I think they are a great idea. I just think some of the migration pain needs to be resolved. My keyboard layout reverted to US with the upgrade from Lenny. When Squeeze is released, I hope the Lenny to Squeeze migration doesn't suffer this.

To look at other operating systems, I'm pretty sure that Windows has supported dual monitors via plug and play for at least ten years. Right now, I'll have to edit the file and restart X. That's not meant as a criticism of the current X developers. It's just a statement of where we are, right now. Things are definitely moving in the right direction, and the pace is really fast.

Apparently 2.6.29 (in sid now) supports Kernel Mode Setting (KMS), and the latest Intel driver can grow the virtual display dynamically if this is in use. I plan to give this a shot tonight.

-- Jon